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5 Easy Craft Activities for Kids

July 6, 2018 / Posted by Jen

Looking for something fun for your child to do? When it comes to kids crafts, we know two things: kids absolutely love them and adults are looking for simple crafts to do with their kids. There are so many great craft ideas out there, but many of them can be complex or require a lot of materials. In this blog post, we’re going to give you five easy craft activities for kids. Each of these crafts is relatively fast and easy to do, requiring few materials.

  1. Cereal jewelry

Little boys and girls alike love making things, especially cereal jewelry. Using some string, Froot-Loops, Cheerio’s or other cereal that the string can be threaded through.  Get creative by experimenting with different patterns and colors. Then, let your little one make the perfect cereal necklace or bracelet. Once they’re all done, simply tie or glue together so your little one can wear their finished jewelry! Bonus: your child will love being able to eat the cereal from their handmade jewelry!

  1. Water bottle piggy bank

It’s never to early to inspire financial literacy in young minds, and what better way is there to teach saving than with a piggy bank? Instead of buying a piggy bank, try making one. All you need is a water bottle to create one! Take the label off your water bottle and use colored construction paper for the ears, tail, and eyes. The water bottle’s top will make the perfect snout!

  1. Pet rock

How many times has your child asked for a pet of his or her own? Instead of giving in and actually getting a new pet, why not let your child make a pet? Go on the hunt for the perfect rock. Your child might enjoy a unique shape for his or her pet. Then, paint and decorate. This is where it gets really fun: glitter, pom poms, and other decorations can be added for a personal touch!

  1. Sock puppet

Kids absolutely love puppets! You can make a puppet out of a bag very easily, and you can also make sock puppets with little work. A simple sock puppet can just have eyes and a mouth, and a more elaborate sock puppet can have hair, clothes, and whatever your little one wants to add! Arms can be easily sewn on, as can legs. The beauty in this simple craft is that you and your child can decide how simple or complex it gets. Then, you both get to have fun with a puppet show!

  1. Terrarium

Terrariums can bring hours of entertainment for adults and kids alike, so this isn’t just for the little ones! A terrarium puts the beauty of nature inside a jar or other transparent container. You can use an empty, clean spaghetti jar to plant something or make a habitat for snails. You can even use small fish aquariums to make more elaborate terrariums for frogs or geckos. Of course, a terrarium can be just for plants. Terrariums are very simple to make and can be totally made by your child!

All of these craft activities are perfect for inspiring your child’s imagination, plus they can all be done without a lot of materials. They’re each simple but fun, and we think your child will love any or all of these! If you’ve been looking for something fun and engaging to do with your child, then try out one – or a few – of these crafts!  Our Kids Art Classes in Paddington, Sydney are perfect for engaging and developing your children’s creative side. We offer Term Classes, Birthday Parties, and School Holiday Workshops, get in touch if you would like your little one to join in the fun!

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