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Easy Mini Dream Catchers Tutorial

August 15, 2018 / Posted by Jen

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a Mini Dream Catcher. We have made many different variations of them in the past, but this one is great for most ages as we have eliminated the weaving part, which can be tricky.

Ok let’s get started…

What you need:


Step one – Draw a design on the circle using oil pastels, it can resemble a real dream catcher or can be anything really. do this on both sides of the circle – we used two coasters as there was a pattern on one side.

Step two – paint over the top of the oil pastel with the watercolours. This is where is ios important to use oil pastels as it gives the paint resist effect.

Step three – punch 4 holes – 1 up the top and 3 down the bottom

Step four Рuse a pipe cleaner to hang from the top and thread with beads

Step five – use string, ribbons, wool and beads to make the bottom off the catcher

Ta Da! You now have an adorable dream catcher ready to hang!


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