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Penny Pear- simple softie tutorial

August 4, 2020 / Posted by Jen

Hello everyone! We were delighted to be asked to join this years Sew a Softie Tutorial hop for the 2nd time! We decided to create Penny Pear who can stand up on her own ( due to the addition of rice) and can be used as a pin cushion or an adorable friend.



light green, dark green and brown felt

green and black thread


dried rice

small amount of black and pink felt for eyes and mouth.

fabric glue

lady beetle button ( optional)


Cut out your felt pieces

Sew or glue face onto one piece

Begin sewing each of the pear pieces together ( make sure face in on the inside as per pic).

Continue to sew each of the 4 pieces tighter leaving the top open for stuffing.

Turn the right way around

Roll up brown felt and stitch, stitch green leaf to stem

Pace table spoon of rice in base, place stuffing on to.

Stitch up the top and stitch stem in.


And she is done 🙂

Happy Sewing, email creativekidsco.au@gmail.com for template


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