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In January 2011, Jen Roberts took over a small business established by Kirsty Shadiac in Sydney’s Paddington and realised a dream of teaching and sharing her love of art with children.

Jen has continued to run exciting classes, workshops and birthday parties in Paddington under the name “Jen’s Kids Art”.

As the classes have grown, so too has the overall vision of inspiring more and more children, employing more creatives and branching out into different parts of Sydney, and so, Creative Kids Co was born.



My name is Jen and I am passionate about encouraging creativity in students of all ages.

Creative Kids Co was founded 11 years ago as a way to encourage and guide children through their own artistic journeys.

I am also the co-creator of IMOK (Art, T-shirts & Design), established in 2004, which opened up the door to commission and exhibit my own artworks, complete illustrations for a series of books, as well as sell my wares at design markets nationwide. I have also held live art demonstrations and was the featured artist with US Surf/Skate Company Volcom.

My current passion is working with resin and urban illustration and I can’t wait to share this journey with you.



In 2008 Michelle graduated from the College of Fine Arts UNSW with a Ba Design/Art Education. After completing 5 years of uni she headed to Europe on a working holiday, absorbing the cultures and teaching art and design in both primary and high schools.

Upon returning to Australia in 2011, Michelle focused her teaching on a much younger and enthusiastic group of children in a childcare setting. Their excitement toward learning was something she found inspiring and enjoyed watching their creative expression shine.

Since starting her own family in 2013, Michelle has been doing some private tutoring for early literacy in a creative and play based way. Finding that parents are placing further emphasis on creative development as well as academic growth.

“I believe providing children with fun, stimulating and challenging activities develop knowledge of their world, materials, skills and most importantly express themselves.”

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